...where everyone who works in law comes together to:      

  • network and engage with other legal professionals
  • learn of best practices
  • commiserate with those who have been there and done that
  • receive practical information about services and technology available to law firms

Our Mission: 

to connect all who work in the legal profession through a supportive and inclusive community


The Legal Connection Community is the first to offer legal professionals a place to mix, mingle, learn and share in a friendly atmosphere - where gatherings can be virtual and other times we take the on line world ... off.  That's right! TLCxn Members meet in real life - at lunches and meet ups, social gatherings, group tours of expos and conferences.

Our Members learn not only from each other but from the aggregated knowledge of The Legal Connection's hand-picked subject matter experts. The Legal Connection Literati are well known, liked and respected leaders in their fields who share their core knowledge with our members through webinars, lunch-n-learns and local gatherings.

Certainly consider joining The Legal Connection Community if you want to:

    • get up to speed quickly on all things digital and webby, including owning/maintaining a website; SEO and social media;
    • receive an on-going (but not overwhelming) education about topics relevant to the practice of law  
    • be social, network and laugh a little during a live lunch or meet-n-greet 
    • receive relevant information, discounts and/or special pricing on popular technology and services  

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